Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crazy vs. Wild

So I'm intrigued by the Discovery Channel's show, Man vs. Wild. This guy (named Bear - how appropriate!) goes into the wild in various countries around the world and puts his survival skills to the test. He's been in Siberia, the Amazon, and the Sahara. For tonight's show he's in Australia trying to survive in the Northern Territory. He's already eaten a spider and killed a snake by grabbing its head by his teeth and breaking his neck. He's almost fallen off a cliff and was thisclose to getting eaten by an alligator because he climbed up a tree over a lake to get a closer look.

Alright, this guy is obviously crazy and is doing insane stuff for TV. But that's ok because he has a camera guy and probably a van of guys waiting in the bushes in case he needs medical attention.

Now, let's think about Shannon trying to survive in the Australian outback. I wonder how long I would last before getting eaten by a pack of jackals?

I guess that's why I don't have my own show called Shan vs. Wild. It would last one episode!

If you were stranded in the Australian outback what 5 things would you want to have with you?

Here's my list:
1. Matches
2. Those army meals Kristi always had at her house
3. A knife
4. Rope
5. Would anyone hate me if I said my Kindle?


  1. 1. Luna Bars
    2. pepper stray - to get rid of animals without killing them
    3. a gun - just in case the pepper spray didn't work
    4. bug repellent
    5. waterproof matches

    that guy is hot btw

  2. They make special spray for bears so I wonder if pepper spray would be too weak? Good idea having both. Oh and Bear Grylls is British. Makes him 10x more attractive ;)

  3. Bear's show is interesting, but there is a guy who has a show (I believe on Discovery) who carries the camera himself. Far more realistic. And Bear gets a little too crazy sometimes, putting himself in danger.

    1. Rope, 2. Flashlight w/ batteries, 3. Steel wool (so you can put the batteries on it and start a fire), 4. Knife, 5. Water Bottle.

    I know there isn't any food, but I'd do my best to live off of the land until I'm rescued. Which, God knows if it was more than a couple days, I'd be gone for anyways.

  4. whats with rope? why so important?

  5. 1. MP3 Player.
    2. Snacks
    3. Beer
    4 Hammock
    5. Bear Grylls

  6. Paul's list is the best thus far!! I love #5, why didn't I think of that?!

    SJ - Rope is important in case you need to swing from a tree across a ravine, to climb up or down on, or to lasso a wild mustang to ride to freedom.

  7. Ok seriously none of those things would happen in the real world. I would never swing from a tree, i wouldn't climb up or down anything too steep and riding crazy animals it out of the question. Unless it is elvish rope it is out of the question.