Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For me, pictures make the blog. Today I'm just going to share some photos I've taken that haven't been used. This is just going to be a random smorgasbord of pictures so bear with me!

First up: My peach pie. I used a Martha Stewart crust recipe and the peach filling is from one of my favorite blogs EVER: Eat, Live, Run.

Well, let me just tell you: I now know why people buy Pillsbury crust out of the freezer section at the grocery store. SO MUCH WORK. I need a food processor. If any one wants to buy me a present, I'll take this one

Anyway, I was going to do a lattice top, but when it came to that point, I was so pied-out that I just slapped on a regular top, threw it in the oven, and promptly collapsed on the couch.

Amazingly,the pie turned out really good! I had a piece with vanilla bean ice cream and thought it was pretty grand for being my first pie. I took it to work and every body loved it. I was super nervous but it really strokes your ego hearing your boss say "Good pie" with his mouth full.

Well, this weekend I was like, "If I can make pie, I can make ANYTHING!" and attempted a lemon tart. The crust was fabulous, but the filing never set and ended up being like soup. I am going to attempt it again some day, but with a different filling recipe.

I also recently cooked dried beans in my crock pot. Beans are such a good source of protein, and they are super cheap (esp. if you buy from the bulk bins!) so I made a recipe from a cookbook my mom gave me that is all about BEANS - the magical fruit.

This is a Southwestern Pot Pie, with cornbread muffins on the side.

Well, this was just ok. I cooked it on high for 4 hours instead of low, which was wrong, so the vegetables were a little over done. Also the cornbread was too crumbly. Blah.

Enough about cooking, and now about Kobe! With Sara Jo's suggestion, I've been trying to get him more natural treats! Kobe doesn't give a rip how natural they are, he loves all snacks!

The one on the left is from the farmer's market with organic ingredients. The one on the right is from the grocery store and are just pig bones with a smokey glaze on them. Pig bones, mmmm.

He doesn't really know what to think of his new bone. Or, he just doesn't know what I'm doing sitting in the grass with him, taking pictures.

Oh, he's so full of treats! What a lazy bum. And a cute one at that!

I'm going to take a cue from Kobe and sleep. Good night!


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  2. how fun. Does he love living in ID? Sometimes when Bisket is eating his bones and he is all cracking them and licking them....I feel sick to my stomach and I have to take it away....but then I realize I don't want to touch it so I go in a different room.

    Glad you are looking into some other options for treats!