Friday, August 13, 2010

Will Work For Food

(Two sidenotes worth mentioning. In preparation for the writing of this post I:
  1. Realized I had left my camera outside on the grill after taking pictures for my Seattle post. It has rained since then. 
  2. Realized that in order to document some of Kobe's tricks I needed two hands and unsmartly held his bone in between my teeth. Blech.)
Kobe knows 5 tricks. He will do them all for any morsel of food that catches his attention (ie things like delicious meaty dog treats or strawberry tops).

Today's incentive:

And now for the tricks. First and foremost: SIT.

Second: WAVE

Third and fourth: SHAKE and HIGH FIVE (both similar and hard to take a picture of in action!)


For the last trick, if Kobe is in any way moving, either his tail or his eye balls, if you say "All the way dead" he will lay as still as physically possible.

He's funny.


  1. omg! love this. he is so cute :) did you do all the training yourself with him? We have bisket in an obedience class right now. It's great!

    btw- always be careful about which dog treats/food you are buying (I am sure already know this). Not only is it important for their health, but you can also find free range chicken, local beef, and that sort of thing! If they gotta have the meat (which they do) we might as well make good decisions for them :)

  2. I have purchased Organic chicken dog food for him (at $16 for a 10# bag! ahh!) but he actually prefers the junky Purina Healthy Weight Beneful. I guess you could argue that just like humans dogs probably like the junk food better, but when I tried to switch him to the good food, he didn't eat for like 3 days until I gave him the beneful back :(

  3. I've heard that in order to switch an animal's food you have to do it slowly like start by mixing the food together, more of the original until its all the new stuff. Also, Purina is like feeding your animal Burger King every day (so I've heard from vet techs). I'd try that and he'd prob get used to it.

    Also, I don't think the price you found is too bad. I pay $20 for a 10 lb bag for Button's special "sensitive stomach" food.

  4. Interesting about the Purina! I think I'm going to start trying to get him to eat some more "healthy" food! And Button probably doesn't eat 2 cups of food a day! Or maybe she does, since she's a diva.

  5. Haha about Button! She only eats about 1/3 cup of food a day. I used to give her 2/3 but she just doesn't eat it. I bet once Koby gets used to the new food he'll hate anything else. Good luck with the transition!