Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Return to the Homestead

I live in Idaho now, as many of you are aware, and I plan on staying here for a long time. However, I lived in North Dakota for 26 years (give or take a few months when I lived in SC, SD, and England) and I will always consider that my home state. I'm going back to North Dakota next week for a work seminar and to see friends and family and it got me thinking What do I miss most about North Dakota?

1. Family
2. Friends (These are obviously a given)
3. The obsession everyone has with large animals

4. Knoephla soup
5. Small town dynamics (although I prefer to view these from the OUTSIDE and wish to never be involved again)
6. How 80% of news reports are on things that don't matter but yet are positive in nature.
7. How if you drive for 10 miles in any direction you are likely to see cows grazing on pastures.
8. The emphasis and belief held by most people that hard work will lead to a good life.
9. The accents of old folks from places like Wishek and Linton.
10. The fact that dinosaurs used to rule the plains. Take that, buffaloes.


  1. I have never been up to that cow. There ARE a ton of giant animals in this state. I wonder if any other state has as many.

  2. I think the dinosaur thing is my favorite part! Did you know the ground/land/rocks whathaveyou in ND are some of the oldest in the world? It's due to the plate tectonic stuff...one thing I remember from my summer geography class.

    I miss my family, friends, clean air, and the quietness (sometimes). I also can appreciate it's simplicity more than I ever have. But that is about all I miss about the state.

    I actually don't think of it as my homeland anymore. I know I was born there, but Minnesota feels more like home now to me.

    I wish I could come back to see you! have fun!

  3. My mom's favorite part of the ND boys video was the Knoephla soup reference! :) I never knew there was a ND Dinosaur museum. Where is it?

  4. Dawn - You're not missing out. It looks cooler from far away.

    SJ - I didn't know that about the rocks in ND! I also love the quietness of ND but I have that in ID too. The simplicity is to be appreciated. As well as the isolation in some ways (but not others).

    Erika - The dino museum is in Dickinson, ND. I was there once when I was in like 8th grade.

  5. It took me like 10 minutes to pronounce that soup and then realize that SJ had told me about it like 4000 times! haha. I love when you're out on the farm, ND is just quiet. It's like you're in a painting - which makes me really appreciate it. I could never live there, but it's nicer to visit than I always thought it would be.