Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Preview

I'm planning on doing some cooking with these guys.

Last time Gordon failed me, but I'm hoping he will redeem himself with this mushroom risotto.

My wild mushrooms will probably consist of shitake and maybe some oyster from the grocery store ... I'm not about to go foraging in a woodland or anything.

Jamie and I are also going to spend some quality time together this weekend. I'm thinking of making one of these because they both look scrumptious.

As asparagus is more of a winter vegetable and may not be it's best quality right now, I may go for the onion soup. I just want to eat the cheesy bread on top!

Also if I'm feeling ambitious the lemon tart may be revisited with a different filling recipe. We shall see.

Oh and there will also be a lot of this:

Kobe says "Peace out gangstas"


  1. One British guy isn't enough for you is it!

  2. You are so ambitious with your cooking! I love mushrooms mmmmm.