Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Weekend

So what does every normal 26 year old do on the Friday night before Halloween?

Bake lemon meringue pie, of course!

 The meringue is a little thin and wasn't connected to the pudding as much as I would have liked (I read online that this could be due to the filling not being piping hot when I put the meringue on, as this would have cooked the bottom of the meringue and they would have connected a little better).  However, with the disastrous results of my previous two other lemon desserts (I've tried to make a lemon tart TWICE and it has FAILED each time), I would have to call this a success! And I've pretty much mastered the art of preparing a shortbread crust thankyouverymuch.

In other news, Kobe loves peanut butter.

He is just upset that his tongue isn't long enough to get to the bottom of the jar.

Tonight is a Halloween party at the Coeur d'Alene Inn that I got suckered into going to. I'm not a big Halloween person and I hate dressing up because I feel self conscious. However, I have been promised that this is a fun party and I think with a few beers and/or mojitos it will be a good time. Pictures to come!


  1. I have yet to master making desserts. They seem to always be so testy when you make them yourself. Seriously, like, how hard can throwin' some junk in with some dough actually be? Pretty hard, I have learned.

  2. YES! Desserts are so testy. A little too much or not enough of something will throw the whole thing off. Like with the lemon tart if you don't have the magic touch it will become the bane of your existance.

  3. OR when you walk a little too hard past the oven when you're baking a cake and it comes out all sunken and sad.

  4. My father has always loved lemon meringue pie! Every bday of his, my fam would swing on down to Baker's Square and buy him one. And it was delicious!!