Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Toy in the Horizons

So I hate my phone. It's a Blackberry Pearl and over the past year has been dying a slow death in front of my eyes. It started off by not allowing me to check my text messages or voicemails - instead, when I would click on that option it would go to the camera. I would have to turn the phone off and back on multiple times and try to trick it into letting me select this basic options. Then the track ball stopped fully functioning. It still rolls but I have to apply about 10 pounds of pressure before it will select anything. And now it's most recent ailment has sort of pushed me over the edge. The battery won't fully charge, showing just half of the yellow bar in the battery symbol to be there even if I charge it all night. My phone's battery lasts about a day (if I'm lucky) the way it is, so this means I probably won't make it a full day before it goes completely dead.

My current phone and source of pain (source)

Ok enough with the complaining. Here'es where my dilemma comes in.

My contract with Alltel ends November 13th (Hallelujah!!) and I'm planning on switching to AT&T. With my current state of fed-uped-ness, I want to switch and get a new phone NOW.

Pros of switching now:
  • New phone that won't be annoying.
  • Local provider to consult with if I have problems (no Alltel available in like a 580 mile radius).
  • The joy of getting a new toy.

  • I have to pay for 2 contracts for a month until my Alltel one runs out. 
My plan to make this con way less painful is to call Alltel and tell them to reduce my plan to the lowest one possible for a smart phone (which still ends up to be a lot unless they've altered their plan prices).

These are the two phones I've been considering just for your viewing pleasure. Aren't they lovely?

HTC Aria (source)
iPhone 4 (source)

So the question remains.... What do you think I should do?


  1. Don't get an iPhone, or I'm breaking up our IT Support relationship.


  2. I don't have an iPhone, but I know from other people (like, every other person on the damn planet!) that you'll have more fun with an iPhone than anything else on the market. I wish I had one!

  3. You're not helping!