Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last night it snowed for the first time in northern Idaho. Well, it has snowed in the mountains, but at normal elevation this was the first time. Can you spot the white pup?

Kobe has lived through 7 winters but every year for the first snow he is always a little confused about what is going on. It only takes a couple of minutes before he realizes the world hasn't changed too drastically.

Here he is saying, "Mom, weren't you going to put these planters away in October?!"


  1. In the first picture Kobe looks like a pile of snow hahaha, cute!

  2. Kobe looks like he is pooing in this snow! lol your post made me smile

  3. You need to get him some fluffy pants for his bald back leg.

  4. Kobe was pooing in the snow in that picture! haha I was wondering if anyone would notice. And Paul we should get him some snow pants to go with his boots!