Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Almost a month overdue, I finally found the motivation to put these pictures on the blog. Maybe it's because I think NONE of them are flattering. I should just be happy with them because they represent really good memories of a nice Christmas with Paul and my mom. But anyway, here they are!

One of my presents was something that I love: Artwork from people I know. This painting was done by my 2nd mom (otherwise known as the mother-in-law) and I love it! She painted white tulips, my favorite flower. Right now Paul has it hanging in a weird spot in the living room because there was a nail already there from the previous owners.

Paul with some new shirts I got him.

Kobe with his new "baby." One without stuffing since he loves to eat the man-made white fluff that is stuffed into dog toys.

My mom with her new Pink CD.

Paul representing one of the gifts I wrapped. I still like to admire my handiwork.

Sorry mom, but this picture is too funny not to post.

60 second black gold.

Me and half of Kobes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! looks like you had a great Christmas :)