Saturday, January 8, 2011

Computers and Karaoke

Since blogger decided to not work a few times over the past several days, I have a backlog of photos to share!

Photo of the day: 1-4-11:

This last week Paul has been hard at work putting together his computer workstation in the study/work-room/library room of our house. He is still waiting on some computer components to arrive from England, but it's almost set up and is starting to look great!

Photo of the day: 1-5-11:

Wednesday night I was feeling under the weather and didn't feel like cooking what we had planned for dinner, so we went to Applebees for appetizers. They ended up having karaoke while we were there, which was annoying but funny. Most of the singers were terrible, but of course they thought they were pretty good.


  1. haha that's so weird that they have karaoke at Applebees! Who knew?

    I love what I call my "control room", or my computer set up. I have two laptops, and when they are both on (usually one for Netflix, one for browsing hahaha) I feel like I am master of the universe and whatnot.

  2. Haha! I know what you mean Sara, I use my mac and pc at the same time when I am working and have them both open. I feel master commander for sure!

    Glad to hear Paul is settling in nicely!