Friday, March 4, 2011

Summer Dreams

This past week a couple of my co-workers returned to work after several weeks of being on vacation. Both co-workers went to Mexico (although not together) and it made me get that vacation itch!

After thinking about it and talking to Paul we have a tentative plan for 2012!!

Everyone knows the Olympics are in London in 2012 and guess what - Paul's parents and brother will be living not that far from London (well at least on the right side of the country) by then.

Here is what we are hoping to do. Take 3 weeks of vacation and fly to England. Spend a week with Paul's family, visit friends, and do some exploring in the southern part of the country. Next, fly to Croatia and spend 4 days relaxing on the coast drinking in the sun.

Then fly or boat our way to Greece.

Paul has a friend from Greece that hopefully lives in a pretty town like the one you see above. I love knowing someone local who can show you the amazing things tourists usually miss.

After spending another 4 days in Greece eating amazing food and spending more time on the beach, we would fly back to England and spend the rest of our vacation spending more time with family before flying home.

Now to have the husband create a geeky spreadsheet in Excel to find out how much money we will have save each month to make this happen. Eeeks!


  1. Soooo jealous! I think you may have heard me say that Paul and I had originally planned to go to Croatia on our honeymoon, but when we got free plane tickets to Paris we couldn't pass it up.

    AND GREECE! That makes me even more jealous! That is a must see for me.

    How exciting for you two! and I totally understand about the spreadsheet, I love Excel. Who doesn't love organized information?

  2. I do remember you mentioning Croatia. I also remember some guy mentioning it at a hostel in the Cinque Terre in Italy and ever since those two completely unrelated instances, I've been intrigued.

  3. That sounds like a fantastic trip!