Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stainless Steel Beauties

We got a lot of wonderful gifts for our wedding receptions in Bismarck earlier this month. One of the things that we received that made me pretty much jump up and down like a kid at Christmas was a set of stainless steel cookware. To give you an idea of what I've been dealing with before this, picture pans that cost $15 for a set of 10 from Wal-Mart that you could bend in half with your bare hands they're so flimsy and cheap.

When I got these out of the box and set them all on the table, I had to take pictures. I'm attracted to shiny things, what can I say?!

So far I haven't made too much with them, since I've been trying to use all the new cookware we received. So far I've made this awesome tuna recipe (seriously, you need to make this!), fried eggs, and pasta. I've also boiled eggs. And let me tell you, these pots boil water beautifully! In all seriousness, they are fantastic. I do have to say I haven't mastered the art of frying eggs in these pans yet. So far my old cheapy pan has been doing it better, so I have to figure what I'm doing wrong with the nice pans. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

So in closing thank you to my wonderful relatives who gifted these to us. We treasure them and plan on making delicious food and memories for years to come!

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  1. Pretty! Adam and I also received a lovely set of stainless steel cookware. It was such a pretty set I unpacked it and touched all of the pieces and then had to repack it in order to send it to NC haha.