Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2012

A new year is upon us so of course that means new resolutions. First let's take a look at my resolutions for 2011 and see which ones I worked on (and hopefully achieved!) and which ones were epic failures:

1. Take a photo every day for a year.  (FAIL)
2. Run one mile without stopping.  (FAIL)
3. Read 30 books. (MET)
4. Pay off two credit cards. (working on this - but still FAIL)
5. Hike five trails in Idaho and/or Washington. (FAIL - did only one)
6. Organize continuing education documents for work. (MET)
7. Lose 90 pounds. (FAIL)
8. Learn a new craft or hobby. (FAIL)
9. Prepare one new recipe each week. (this was more of a success than other resolutions - but still FAIL)
10. Eat more whole grains and vegetarian protein. (MET except that now I'm eating poultry and fish)
 11. Travel to a state or country not previously visited. (MET - Colorado)

As you can see I didn't do so hot. Probably due to the fact that I didn't print out this list and about a week after I wrote these I forgot about some of them. This year I plan on printing out this list and posting it on the fridge as a constant reminder of my goals. A lot of the resolutions I had last year I still want to complete this year, but I plan on being a little more specific to make them slightly more attainable. Wish me luck! Here goes:

1. Running: Be able to run one mile without stopping by December by gaining 0.1 mile of distance each month (ie run 0.1 mile without stopping by the end of January, 0.2 by the end of February, etc.)
2. General exercise: Complete 30 minutes of any type of workout at the gym or outside (classes, swimming, machines, etc.) 3x per week or more.
3. Weight loss: Lose 5 lbs a month for a total of 60 lbs by the end of the year.
4. Swimming: Be able to swim 1500 yards without stopping by December
5. Debt: Consolidate student loans to one payment and a lower interest rate.
6. Debt: Pay off 2 credit cards and Honda.
7. Leisure: Read 30 books, with at least 15 of them being ones I already own.
8. Leisure: Learn how to knit.
9. Money: Set a budget for entertainment/dining out at $350 per month and stick to it.
10. Home: Speak to a mortgage lender about financing options for purchasing a house.

I tried to set attainable goals relevant to my 10 year life plan, which is what the "experts" say you should do.

2011 was a great year. Here's hoping 2012 is even better!


  1. Congratulations on all of the things you did do and the things you may have not finished but still put an effort toward! 30 books is a lot! I get on a book reading kick and read 3 or 4 books then go months without reading one. I like how your resolution for 2012 has read 15 books you already own. I buy or download a lot of books that I have yet to read - I may cheat and steal your resolution!

    I have successfully paid off all of my debt with the exception of my student loans, and it is a priceless feeling(or really expensive feeling depending on how you look at it teehee), I hope you can experience that in 2012!

    I was really active on and had some friends on there and it was encouraging to compare workouts. I plan on starting up again, and if you do join something like dailymile, I'd love to be workout buddies - we could yell at each other for being lazy or congratulate each other for kicking ass!

  2. Great resolutions! I hope you meet all your goals - good luck!