Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knit Happens

Paul and I did something awesomely nerdy the last few weekends:

We learned how to knit!

We enrolled in classes at a fantastic local yarn store called Harmony Yarn where they sell everything imaginable you would need to knit fabulous things. They also have high quality stuff and everyone that works there is super passionate about knitting. It sounds dorky but I wish I could hang out there all the time!

So far I haven't made anything. We've been learning different patterns and stitches so I have what looks like the beginning of a very awkward scarf.

Even though this is pretty ... ugly ... I'm kinda proud of it because it's something that I made with my own two hands. I'm going to finish out the ball of yarn that I'm using for this practice piece and turn it into a scarf. 

I already have another project lined up that looks something like this: 


So far the husband hasn't made anything significant either, he's practicing fancy stuff like reducing and adding stitches before taking on a real project. We will keep you updated on our progress!

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  1. How fun! I love the infinity scarf (hint, hint) ;). You're lucky to have a hubby that likes to do things with you!