Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dust & Flowers

Hello again! This past week I haven't had motivation to do much of anything, let alone blog, so sorry for the lack of updates. This last weekend I had visitors again: Kristi, her mom, and her aunt. It was fun to have visitors again but I realize how much I like the peace and quiet once I'm alone afterwards!

Kristi and I did something we were hoping to do the previous weekend and that is hike. There is a place in CdA called 'Tubbs Hill' and its a little more than 2 miles around. 

I strapped Kobe into his harness and we were off. In 80 degree weather... with no water. It was pretty miserable towards the end. Even Kobe started giving up by laying down in the middle of the trail, panting his little tail off.

We were so pumped when we reached marker 27, meaning we were done! But it was a lot of fun in hindsight and I think Kobe and I are going to do it again this weekend.

White dog on dusty footpaths do not mix!

He was hot, tired, and really dirty. Oh, and that's Kristi passed out from exhaustion in the background.

Speeding up to this week, only one exciting thing happened.

Paul sent me flowers! For no reason! Which happens to be the best reason ever.

I'm pretty sure not many things can make a girl happier than receiving flowers unexpectedly at work. :)


  1. Is that the big hill by that fancy looking hotel?

  2. Hiking is pretty fun - but it always goes to show you that you have to pack like a damn refrigerator's worth of stuff to be 100% comfortable! haha When we visit, we'll have to do that hike. How was the view???

  3. My Paul - yes, you are right. It's the hill right next to the resort.

    SJ's Paul - The view was AMAZING! And there are beaches that you can only get to by hiking to them, would be so much fun to go swimming and have a picnic there! We are def. going when you guys visit :)