Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Visitor

This weekend my friend from OT school, Kristi, came to visit me! I was lazy and didn't take any photos while she was here so here is a picture of us from a much cooler location: Venice.

So a rundown of the weekend's events...

Friday: Kristi had to work late so she didn't get to CdA until around 10:30 pm. She requested that I make stir fry so that night I went shopping and got a bunch of fun ingredients for supper and healthy snacks for the rest of the weekend. Once she got here, we ate, had a beer, talked, and then went to bed.

Saturday: We got up early and hit up the farmers market, discovering that they had my most favorite summer thing: PEAS! I kind of went a little crazy with the peas and $7.50 later we went home. (Kristi got some zucchini.) We then watched the movie Where the Wild Things Are with Paul, which I thought was cute and entertaining, even though it's meant for 8 year olds. Kristi and I then took Kobe down to the lake, where we went on a walk, people watched, had drinks and appetizers downtown, and tried to prevent Kobe from biting kids. That night we went to a restaurant downtown called Bonsai Bistro, which specializes in Asian food and sushi. I had an amazing Malaysian Coconut Curry. I could have drank the sauce it was so amazing.

Sunday: We were going to go on a walk/hike but Kristi slept in and didn't have proper shoes, so we did what all people would naturally do in that situation: Go to IHOP. We then watched The Lovely Bones with Paul. I have read the book, which is superb, and even though the movie got bad raps for straying too far from the book and being kind of disorganized, I thought it was pretty good. The villain is SUPER creepy and the main character did a great job. Kristi left to go back to work in Orofino, ID (described by one of my co-workers as "the armpit of the world") and may be back next weekend.

I love having visitors! (hint hint)

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