Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy-Peasy Portobello Sliders

Here's a confession: I really don't like portobello burgers. You know, the ones you get in restaurants. I think they are greasy and much too mushroomy for my taste. I don't like how every time you take a bite there is a huge ugly looking mushroom in your face.

So it may suprise you that I decided to make my own portobello burgers. I found this recipe and decided to modify it (aka make it easier).

* I would like to add a disclaimer. If you look at the recipe page and then at my pictures, you will find that Vegetarian Times makes way cuter and more refined portobello sliders. Let's just call mine rustic, as I'm not a pro at food presentation! *

Ok let's get on with it. This is what I used: (the box has onion in it, sorry about that)

First chop some onion and slowly cook them in a pan with some oil to get them a little crunchy and a little sweet.

Next, heat up your grill. I finally got my George Forman back from my brother and I'm so excited! I love this grill, even though it's a pain in the you-know-what to clean.

As you can see, my George Forman is old school. The grill plates are not removable and the teflon is starting to come off since it's been scrubbed so much.

Ok, now I want you to get your mushroom and rip the stem out. You can also gently cut it out, but I like to abuse my mushrooms. 

Put it on the oiled grill, stem side down, and cook for about 3-5 min. Then flip it and add slices of gouda, which is sooooo good! (I'll show you how much Kobe likes gouda in my next post!) Let the gouda melt and take the mushroom off the grill once it starts becoming soft and "cooked" looking, for lack of a better way to describe it.

By now your onions should look similar to this. Maybe they will be more pretty since mine really... aren't.

Now that the grill is free, put your buns on the grill to get a little toasted. I used ciabatta rolls, but you can really use any bread.

Put some BBQ sauce on your bun, then layer with the mushroom, BBQ sauce, and onions. Top with the second bun.

Your finished product should look like so:

Gooey melty cheese, tangy BBQ sauce, a meaty mushroom, sweet onions, and a chewy bun. Very tasty if I do say so myself!


  1. I clean our Forman Grill by heating it up and scrubbing it with wet papertowels. With the heat, the gunk comes right off!

  2. Yum!

    Why do you put google adds on your blog? Just curious!

  3. Wow - pardon my french, but those look FU#@ING DELICIOUS!!!