Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well folks I'm back in Idaho! So let me tell you - driving across Montana NOT recommended! It was worth it financially but my sanity was almost lost yesterday.

I had such a good time in North Dakota and it was hard to leave. I really enjoyed seeing my friends and family and it was nice to relax and not think about my responsibilities! With that being said, I'm really glad to be back home! More so than I expected, I think. I like my house and my job and definitely CdA!

Tonight I went to the grocery store and had the goal in mind of spending less than $75. Well..... we all know how well I am at grocery shopping within a budget.

One thing I did buy was this guy.

This, my friends, is a butternut squash. I have NEVER cooked with this veg before but I plan on researching some recipes and doing something with it later in the week or weekend. I like the idea of squash but I don't know how much I actually like it. We shall see.



  1. I love squash!!! Glad you made it home safe.

  2. Butternut squash is my FAVORITE squash! Blog what you make!!