Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Cleaning and Resolutions

This weekend has been so dreary and rainy, that I didn't even leave the house. I wish I would have taken a picture of outside earlier in the day when it was raining like crazy, but you probably would have only been able to see a wet blur anyway. Here is a picture of my backyard. You can see how many clouds there are and that they're almost touching that mountain back there. Sometimes the mountain is cut in half by clouds/fog so it's actually pretty good that the whole thing is visible now!

I hate that I have a lumbar yard behind my house, so here is my effort to cut it out.

This patio has been wet for about 48 hours.

Kobe doesn't mind!

Since this weekend was so blah I didn't do much besides watch movies (Paul and I watched Derailed and The Royal Tenenbaums), watch TV, read, and clean. Since I'm going to ND soon I thought I should probably clean the neglected house so I will have something nice to come home to! I did the regular tasks of vacuuming, laundry, mopping, and cleaning/dusting surfaces.

I also decided to put my summer clothes away since it's no longer going to get above 70* here and I was running out of hangers. This made me think about how when I re-open that box it is going to be around April or May and what will be happening in my life during that time. Paul will be here, I will have been in CdA for over a year, and I may not even be living at this house any longer as my lease is up at the end of January. I also hope that I will have to give that whole box of clothes away as they will be TOO BIG by that point.

For those who don't know, I've been doing Weight Watchers for almost three months and have only lost 15 pounds. I also have not been trying that hard, so I'm not surprised at that number. Thinking of where I could be by next spring makes me excited and I feel like I've gotten a little jump start by something as simple as putting clothes away. By April-May I hope to be well on my way to my goal of 159 pounds! This will put me in the middle of the healthy range of the BMI so that's why I picked that number.

Now, let's hope this weather gets better for a little while before winter sets in. *Shudder*.


  1. Just think next year those clothes wont fit you anymore! good job at setting your ideal weight! You can totally do it, especially since you have become some an awesome cook and have made important healthy life style changes.

    I think all of us will be happy to know you are with Paul. You two deserve to be together finally!

  2. Shannon, Great job at losing 15 pounds! That's awesome. That's still over a pound a week, which is very healthy. It took me a long time to lose my baby weight, and it was great to bring out my summer clothes and have them fit. So it will be fun to go buy new clothes in the spring when you reach your goal! And keep posting recipes, I like trying new vegi dishes!

  3. I think 15 pounds is a lot, 5 pounds a month adds up fast!