Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back in ND

Well everyone I'm back in North Dakota! The drive went well, even though it was long. Kobe and I started driving Tuesday afternoon because I got off work early. We got about 60 miles west of Billings and stopped at a rest area, where we ended up sleeping for the night! It sounds ghetto but there were about five other people sleeping in their cars so we just joined the sleeping party. We were not disturbed and it was not as scary as I thought it would be. It was also very quiet and surprisingly peaceful! We then drove the rest of the way to Bismarck and arrived about 24 hours after we started (-2 hours because of the time difference I guess).

Yesterday I was able to see some of my favorite people: my mom, brother, and a couple of my OT classmates that I have really missed. I should have taken pictures during the drive (although that would be unsafe, obvs.) and of the people I was able to see but maybe I'll start taking pictures during my trip and then post a bunch once I get home.

Things to come:
  • Dinner with friends tonight
  • A movie date with friends tonight
  • Lunch with OT instructors tomorrow
  • A visit to OT students to give them info about being an OT in the "real world" tomorrow
  • Dinner with family tomorrow
  • Drinks with friends tomorrow
  • A visit to my grandma and dad on Saturday

I have a busy trip planned but I have a feeling it will be over before I know it!

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  1. Like a slumber party, only in a car park.