Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kobe Hates Me

So while dog may be man's best friend, I am definitely not Kobe's best friend right now. As part of his rehab, I'm supposed to ice his incision site to decrease the swelling. Well every time I go close to the site, he tries to rip my arm off with his razor sharp teeth. He also tore out some of his stitches with said teeth so I had to get him a muzzle and a blow up collar to prevent him from licking/biting. When both of these things are on, Kobe is one miserable pup.

I feel like an abusive mom but what Kobe doesn't realize is that this is for his own good.

Well tonight things took a turn for the worse. When I got home he had taken off his puffy collar during the day and now his incision is all red. I'm assuming he had been licking it for who knows how long.

Now every time I go near him he barks (barks!) and lunges at me while baring his teeth. He looks pure evil, like Old Yeller once he gets rabies.

Solution? Wrap up a sedative I had left over from our road trip into a piece of cheese and toss it to him. Kobe may be agitated, but he can't refuse cheese. Dumb dog.

Now Kobe is relaxed and drugged on the floor. Take that, woofers!

1 comment:

  1. ohhhh poor little baby! It is great that you had those drugs, he just needs to rest. Scary though, but I guess he is an animal after all and he probably feels like he is protecting himself.