Friday, October 15, 2010

Presents Make Happy Pups

Something special came in the mail today.

What could it be? Kobe was very curious, but a little aprehensive.

That is until he found out what was inside!

Snacks! And a hilarious card.

Kobe was so excited to get a care package from his second cousin twice-removed, Bisket, all the way from Minneapolis.

He could barely wait to get his lips on those delicious looking chicken jerky sticks.

After biting my foot about four times while I was trying to put his bowl of food by him this morning, Kobe is finally acting a little more like himself this evening. He tore out 2 more of his stitches today when I was gone at work since he got his puff collar off, but he is doing better.

Hopefully it's all up from here!

Thanks again, Sara Jo, Paul, and most of all Bisket!!


  1. You are so welcome! We feel so bad for Kobe and we know it is hard for you to see him like that. Glad he is getting better! and so happy he loved the treats!

  2. So glad he loved the treats! He deserves 'em!