Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Kitchen Toy

Ladies and gentlemen .... I'd like to introduce you to my newest kitchen friend - my Villaware food processor!

On Saturday I decided on a whim that I wanted to make my own bean burgers. In order to do this I needed a food processor so after quick deliberation with Paul (when Paul realized that no matter what he said I would probably just go buy one anyway) and a glance at Bed Bath and Beyond's website, I was out the door to buy a gadget I have wanted for quite some time now. This food processor can do pretty much everything. It mixes dough, slices, chops, grates, blends, creams, etc. etc. I can make blended soups, chop nuts, make salsa, make any type of dough I want, make coleslaw, and on an on.

The possibilities are endless!

So this weekend I played with my new toy. The first thing I made was my inspiration for getting the toy in the first place: Vegan Bean Burgers. The fact that these burgers are vegan really doesn't matter. What matters is, that in the food blog world, they are amazing.

Listen up people: These burgers are SO FREAKING GOOD. Make some. ASAP.

I made about 5 bean burgers by halving the recipe so I had them on Saturday night and Sunday night. Sunday night I tried using the "gourmet french fry" disc that came with the food processor, but after putting a potato through, I did not have french fries. Not even close. They were tiny matchsticks of all different sizes. I don't know if I did it wrong or what, but I don't know how they could call these fries!

They kind of look like grated pears. Anyway, that is indeed a potato. I obviously couldn't make fries out of that, so instead I made hashbrowns! I used this recipe, as the Simply Recipes website is amazing.

My hashbrowns turned out very tasty. The only thing I need to tweak is to make them less greasy as the raw potato absorbed all the oil and they were very 'greasy-spoon' style hashbrowns. A little ketchup and hot sauce made them sooooo good!

And as you can see there is another burger on the side. Can we just pause a second and check out the color on this burger ?!

After dinner I was craving something sweet. Ice cream to be specific. Only problem? No ice cream to be found in the freezer. But what I did have in the freezer was a frozen banana. I used my food processor to cream the frozen banana with a fresh banana into .... Banana soft serve!

Bananas went from this:

To this:

And with the help of melted chocolate chips and chopped pecans, to this:

Oh yeah. Thank you food processor!


  1. Watching you use the wrong accessory, chopping the carrots instead of grating them, was priceless.

  2. I love kitchen gadgets! My favorite investment would be our Pampered Chef knives. I just took our food processor out of the box so I'll have to see if we have an ice cream option! Very cool!