Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on my Boys

Paul: Immigration has received our latest set of documents, which included our marriage certificate, Paul's birth certificate, police records, etc., etc. When they decide to process those documents they will assign Paul a date to have a physical with a US Immigration approved physician and then an interview at the embassy in London. That should really be the last step. If he "passes" his physical and interview they will issue him an alien number and a green card. Woot!

Kobe: My poor puppy had ACL repair surgery today on his left back leg. He jumped off the back step, landed wrong, and tore the ligaments in both legs, but the left one was worse for wear. The vet had to replace his torn ligament with a synthetic one and he will go through about 6-8 weeks of rehab before he's good as new. The vet wants to do the right leg in about 6 months after the left has had plenty of time to heal, but we'll see how this first one goes. If it's awful I'm pretty sure Kobe will have to take pain meds in lieu of surgery again.


  1. A physical?? Jeez - the US seems actually concerned about fitness for once! ha!

    We hope your pooch is doing great! Bisket sends his well-wishes. And he just farted. Ewwwwww.

  2. I think the dog is in better physical condition than Paul - send the dog for the physical and interview - ship Paul over as a pet. Simples.