Monday, November 1, 2010

Case of the Mondays?

I feel some self-loathing today.

I got home from work early today. Normally this would have been a good thing, but today isn't any other day. Today is Monday, aka my weigh in day at WW. This is also not a normal day because yesterday I made a bunch of cookies (look above) for a potluck at work. I wanted to make a savory dish but my co-workers requested these cookies because, well, they're awesome. But here's the thing. When I'm home I have the tendency to snack and those cookies were sitting devilishly on the counter waiting for me to eat them. So of course I had like 4 of them.

After that I decided I wouldn't go to my meeting, but I should do something productive instead. So I did "exercise" on Wii Fit for 50 minutes. Then I started thinking about how this exercise probably wouldn't matter because it's not intense enough and basically it was a waste of time when I should have manned up and gone to my meeting so my meeting-mates could hold me accountable.

In summary: I ate cookies, felt bad about myself, missed an important meeting because I didn't want to face the scale, tried to make up for it by "exercising", and felt bad about myself some more.

Now I just want to go get fajitas.


  1. ugh! It is so hard! I know it seems like a good idea to get fajitas but you should try and not eat anything else bad tonight. I know it is hard (I have done terrible the last few days). But since you had the cookies try and refrain from anymore unnecessary calories.

    How are you exercising lately? Do you have a gym? I am finding it harder to exercise now that it is getting colder outside.

  2. Too late :(

    I do belong to a gym. I've been a member since March and have gone about 12 times. I find it hard to exercise ALL the time because I pretty much hate it.

  3. I'm sorry it was such a tough day! We need to get you out of feeling guilty for eating a handful of cookies and then guilt-exercising yourself into a pile of self pity. You took steps to counter-balance your cookie indulgence, but I think switching exercising out of guilt to exercising because it's something you just need to do is better mentally. That may be harder than loosing weight or staying in shape or whatever your plan is.

    What kind of exercising do you hate? Can you replace it with something that will not suck as much? I don't believe in running unless you are being chased, so I'm only willing to walk or use an elyptical. Is paying for a gym membership worth it if you don't use it? Can you cancel or not renew it when the time comes? I paid for a membership for 3 years when I only used about a year's worth. And that's my own fault, I should never have renewed it. Would you be able to save on the gym membership in order to buy a replacement for your home? like one of those inside bike things, or an elyptical or treadmil? You were willing to do 50 minutes of WiiFit, so would you be willing to jump on one of those things at home? You could put it in your living room and do it AND watch tv at the same time.

  4. "Exercise" I enjoy: Walking with my dog, hiking, swimming, weight lifting.

    I have time to do these things and I have the means since I live in a mountainous region of the US and have a gym membership, I'm just lazy most days.

    I would love to have a treadmill or a stationary bike, but there is no room in this house.

    There really is no excuse guys, I was just complaining because I felt like it. I felt better afterwards, which I guess is the point of having this blog as an outlet when I need it.

  5. I only enjoy exercise after about 3 weeks after doing it consistently. I went for a jog today, after about a week off, and over all it sucked. My point is, I think it is just hard making it a part of your everyday routine. Once you do, it is more uncomfortable not exercising.

    You just had a bad day Shannon, are you doing better today?

  6. Yes I'm feeling better today :)

  7. Shannon I hear you clucking....Ive been feeling crappy last few days and we have been eating out alot cuz it is just EASY....I was looking at pictures from when I was in MN for BSB concert in 2008 made me want to start working out again cuz I use to regularly. I hope your meetings help and if you need any support from friends let me know I could always handle being held accountable by Shannonian!!!!!

  8. I'm sorry you are feeling down. I think getting a machine for home is a great idea (one I've been exploring myself). They have TONS of machines now that fold up so you can easily make room for it. Plus jumping on a bike in front of the TV is easy and the time flies. A friend of mine lost 60 pounds just by walking an hour a day and "making better choices" (as she would say). She increased her walking speed over time and if people had treats, she would take her time in choosing one and if she ended up not liking the taste, would throw the rest away and forget about the rest. You can still eat cookies, just limit the intake or make sure you do something to counter it. Yeah, you may not count your Wii workout as exercise, but I bet you burned more calories doing that than you would have had you just sat around and thought about it. Keep your chin up! Everyone has bad days.

    Random: I had a former boss who would take her dog for an hour walk every day, rain or shine. Why not make that your exercise? When you get home from work, before doing everything, take Kobe out! I'm sure he'd appreciate it! And it's something you enjoy, thus making it easier to do! It may get harder in the winter/snow/cold, but if you keep in mind that Kobe expects it (and so does your body) then you'll just get it done (and hopefully be happy about it later!)!

  9. Thanks Hobbit :)

    And Dawn, thanks for the advice. Kobe is still only able to walk about 10 minutes at a time due to his leg, but I really should take advantage of him and use him for exercise more often. I would love a bike and/or treadmill! Just isn't in the cards right now.