Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Why hello there. Today ended up being a pretty good day, even though I had to work for half of it. I bounded out of bed at 6:23 am and was in to work by 7:10. At noon I was out the therapy doors and off to my house to let out the pup before heading to my co-worker Jill's to have Thanksgiving linner. 

The menu consisted of:
I had a little bit of everything except for the turkey stuffing. Yes, this means I had a tiny piece of turkey. This was the first time I've eaten turkey since LAST Thanksgiving and it wasn't as bad trying it this year as it was last year. I think I didn't psych myself out as much this year for some reason? I think next year if I am able to find a local, small farm raised turkey I would love to eat turkey. But with that said, I probably won't eat any turkey until next year!

As for Kobe, he loves turkey skin, and is now outside sitting in a snow bank. 

Hope everyone had a lovely day!


  1. yuck! I can't even imagine eating turkey again. But if you can still enjoy meat I am sure you can find a local turkey farm that treats them like living creatures!

    Sucks that you had to work. But you have a lot to be thankful for! Paul will be there soon!

  2. Glad you had someone to spend the holiday with!