Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Back!

Yay for computer techs! I must commend Dell on excellent customer service. For $40 I was able to have a tech come to my house within 2 days, get a new battery and a new charger. Considering the other option under my warranty was to send in my computer, pay for shipping, and wait 3 weeks, this was a steal. The customer service reps were also really nice and the tech was very friendly, helpful, and even suggested jobs in the area for Paul. Woot!

Since I have been computer-less, I haven't done much except watch movies, read, and work. I finished book 2 and 3 of The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris, which are pretty good. The books are entertainment, nothing more. This might be the first time that I say I like the on-screen version of a story better than the book, but True Blood is definitely way more entertaining and good than the books are!

One of the things I do enjoy most about the books are the very memorable characters. New people are introduced to readers all the time, but it is easy to picture those characters in one's mind and keep everyone straight. One of my favorite characters was just introduced. He's a werewolf... I don't know if this is a coincidence or if I'm more of a werewolf fan than vampire fan, but I'm also Team Jacob for that other vampire series that is more popular, but also more lame. It may also have to do with the fact that I picture this character, Alcide, as looking like Hugh Jackman, which doesn't hurt.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying this series, and am now onto the fourth book, called Dead to the World.

Tonight I'm making part of my Thanksgiving meal that I'll be having at my co-workers lake house. Thanksgiving on Lake Coeur d'Alene with fresh snow, sledding, a warm fire, and fun loving people? Yes, please! If I can't spend this holiday with family, this is the next best thing! I'm making a cranberry-apple-lemon sauce, wild rice and mushroom sourdough dressing with dried figs, and the famous chocolate chip cookies.

I didn't take this picture of Lake CdA in the winter, but this is about how it looks now!


  1. I think I liked "Dead to the World" the most, but I may be unreliable - when I first bought the book I scanned for sex scenes before actually reading the rest of it lol.

    And I agree with how you feel about the show. I think the show kicks the books bum, but I still like the books. HBO shows are awesome.

  2. I love the books and the TV show, but I agree that the TV show is "better." LMFAO at Sara! lol!

    I really really liked the 6th book...finished it yesterday and can't wait to pick the next one up at the library!

    Glad your computers is up and running!