Sunday, February 13, 2011

Present to Myself

Something I never appreciated before I began spending more time in the kitchen: Aprons. When you hear the word apron images of grandmothers, "Kiss the cook", and white stiff garments come to mind.

Well have any of you heard of the amazing website called Etsy? It's a collection of individuals who sell their homemade goods, anything from craft supplies, to jewelery, to clothes, and of course aprons!

These are not your grandmother's aprons. Some are even labeled as sexy!

As soon as I started looking at all the pretty varieties, I knew I had to have one. Gone are the days I wipe smears of flour, egg residue, and butter on my jeans. I'd like to present to you my most recent present to myself:

I should be receiving it within the next week. Let the cooking, baking, and blogging commence! (Now if I only had the figure of that dress form...)

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