Saturday, April 16, 2011

Homemade Fish and Chips

So if you don't already know, my husband is from England. What is the first food you think of when you think of England? That's right, fish and chips. England definitely isn't known for culinary greatness, but one thing they know how to do well is fry fish. Paul has had fish and chips in America several times and every time he has some complaint about the seasoning, the batter, the temperature, whatever. Nothing in the restaurants that he's tried has come close to what he's had back home!

With that said, you may think I might be crazy for even attempting to make my own version of fish and chips, since the restaurants aren't able to do it good enough for him and because I've never done it before. Surprisingly, Paul said that my version was incredibly tasty, with crunchy batter, moist and flaky fish, and the right amount of seasoning.

The only problem? I would love to share my recipe with you but I have no idea where I got the original that I adapted from! All my usual recipe hangouts online don't have the recipe I remember using, and I am almost 100% sure I didn't use a cookbook. Sigh. At least I have pictures.

Here's the fry station. At the time this was my only stainless steel pot, which is the best for frying. You can see the batter in the background. I know there was flour, Blue Moon, and Old Bay seasoning in it, but that's about it. :(

The final product, with a side of potato wedges instead of traditional chips.

If I ever track down which recipe I used, I'll be sure to post my version on here, but until then maybe we should just go to England and get the real thing?

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  1. yummmmm!

    I remember when Sara Jo and I were in London and we went out for Fish'n'Chips. OMG they were AMAZING! However, we ate too much, too fast and probably drank too much because after a few hours we were both sick to our stomachs hahaha.