Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebrations in Bismarck

We left Idaho on Monday afternoon to drive to Bismarck for the week. We stopped in Butte overnight, which was a nice spot to break up the 13+ hour drive (it ended up being more like 15-16 after all the stops we made with the dogs!).

Since we've been here it's been semi-relaxing and semi-hectic. There are lots of family to visit but everyone is coming in at different times so the get-togethers have been staggered. Tonight we have the first of 2 "receptions" for Paul's and my wedding. Tomorrow it's my cousin Kristen's wedding!

You can't tell in this picture but he is like 17 feet taller than she is.

We will be busy from now until Monday morning, when we plan on leaving to drive to Bozeman, allowing us to take our time and get to CDA again by 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon when Stella has her first vet appointment! It's so great to see everyone and I already feel like it's going too fast and before we know it we'll be having to head back. I'll try to actually take some pictures instead of borrowing them from Kristen and Eric's photographer.

See you back in Idaho!

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  1. I can't wait to see you two on Sunday!