Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stella Honeybee West

For the last few months I've been toying with the idea of getting a second dog. I've been searching the Humane Society websites every few days waiting for the most perfect pup to become available. There have been contenders, but never one perfect enough to make me drive to the humane society to look. Well, on Friday night I was casually looking at the Spokane Humane Society website and saw they had a little of American Pit Bull Terrier puppies that were ADORABLE. I was drawn to a particular one called Honey B and couldn't stop thinking about those puppies. I mentioned it to Paul, and he wasn't really tickled at the idea of getting a dog, especially with the timing of us going to North Dakota on Monday. I woke up Saturday morning around 4 am and couldn't sleep because those puppies were all I could think about. That morning I somehow convinced Paul to "go look." We both should have known what that would lead to.

When we go to the Humane Society it was very overwhelming because all the dogs seemed to be pleading us with the looks in their eyes for us to pick them. I teared up a little bit even! When we got to the kennel where the puppies were being kept, I could feel my heart melting. They were so precious! We went back and got a very anti-social volunteer to let us to hold one. We picked one based on the markings of her fur and because she was a little more active. We knew which one was Honey B but for some reason we were more drawn to this other pup.

After playing with her in the visiting room for about 10 minutes we had made a decision. We went up to the front and started the process of adopting her. About 2 hours after we had walked in, we were coming home with her.

And I'd like to introduce you to Stella Honeybee West, the newest member of our family!

We named her Stella because it's a pretty name, sounds classy but unique, and is part of the name of one of our favorite beers, Stella Artois. Honeybee is to honor her sister that got us into the humane society that eventually led us to her!

Paul and I have adjusted well to having a newborn pup in the house. Kobe still needs to work on it.

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  1. She is adorable! I loved how you just couldn't sleep because the thought of the puppies kept you awake :) Congratulations!!