Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Times @ Blarney Stone

Bismarck has a lot of terrible and annoying drinking establishments, and a couple good ones. In my opinion, the Blarney Stone is the best in Bismarck! The decor tries it's best to stay modern while looking like an Irish pub. I love that there is no loud music, no smoking, and the walls aren't covered in TVs. I met some of my high school and U Mary friends on the Friday night while I was in town. Here are a few pictures!

High school friends Rhonda and Tara. Side note: Rhonda works with troubled youth and was involved in an altercation with one prior to coming out. What a trooper!
Dawn and myself. She just ran a half marathon a week ago and was sworn in as a lawyer this Friday!

Tara and myself.
Scott and Tara had some bright idea to try to make Tara's phone look like it was drowning in beer.

Not sure why.

Tara looking her happy pretty self!

Scott recently got a fancy pants phone.

He attempted to show us how it worked for most of the evening.

Tara told these bag-pipe playing South Dakota firemen that it was my birthday.

This guy was funny. He was telling us how much work it took to play bagpipes. I think he was also rather intoxicated. 

Overall I had so much fun. Other people were present but were not pictured. I always have my camera with me but also always forget to take pictures. As I blog more I need to remember to break out the camera more often! Thanks to all my friends who came out. I had a great time!

One more day in Bismarck and then Kobe and I start the long ride home.


  1. It was fun seeing you! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your night! How was the visiting the rest of the weekend?


  2. How fun! I wish I could have been there! Have a safe drive home.