Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 5, Edition 1 EDIT

Ok so when I previously did my Top 5 favorite films, I completely forgot one that should be on the list. A movie that makes me squeal with glee every time I see it's on TV and one that I adore.

This film, my friends, is JURASSIC PARK.

Sorry #5, Brokeback Mountain, but you've been replaced. This movie was the coolest of it's time, which happened to be in 1993. (For some reason I can't believe I was only in 3rd grade when this movie came out.) The film has unforgettable images of a mosquito being encased in amber, a man getting eaten by a T-Rex off a toilet, and velocoraptors cunningly trying to find children hiding in industrial kitchen cabinets. Oh, and can I say that this film has one of the best scores ever?!

Favorite dino: Triceratops, always.
Favorite characters: Dr. Alan Grant, played by Sam Neill and Dr. Ian Macolm, played by Jeff Goldblum.
Favorite quote: "Where's the goat?!?!?!"

This movie is AWESOME.

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  1. I remember seeing this the first time in the theater when I was little!! The dino-crapper scene is up there with the gut-blaster scene in Alien! Such a good flick!