Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The British Are Coming!

Ok just one Brit is coming ... Paul!

For those who didn't hear from Facebook, Paul's request for a visa was approved after he went through a stressful but short interview in London. He traveled by train and stayed overnight in a shady hotel, then went through intense security (complete with machine guns) before having his fingerprints taken and being asked some questions. The interviewer thought it was funny that he was moving to Idaho of all places. I guess it is!

The visa should be posted to him soon and he'll get it in a few days. I cannot wait until that passport with the visa inside is clutched between Paul's sweaty palms. Haha, sorry Paul, only kidding!

Paul mentioned to me tonight that we only have ONE full weekend left until he flies here, as he is planning on flying on Sunday the 19th of December. Holy crap! That makes it seem crazy soon. 11 days! That means only one more weekend of watching movies simultaneously while talking on Skype (yes, we do that). This also means only one more weekend to deep clean the house. Or should I wait until the 18th ...

At any rate, I'm super pumped. It's been a long time coming and the finish line is in our sights.


  1. YAY FOR SHANNON AND PAUL! I'm so excited for you I may poop! I hope the 11 days flies by and that you can clutch each other's sweaty palms!

  2. I am so happy for you - you will have a memorable Christmas and a great time showing Paul all around your town. Happy Holidays - love you....

  3. What a great Christmas present! Congrats!

  4. so happy for you! And i love how you say "posted" instead of mailed :)

  5. So, about one week from today he will be in Idaho? How exciting! I wonder if he'll have to get used to the elevation in the mountains? Have a good week getting ready to welcome him to the United States!