Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis The Season

... For whoopie pies! Pumpkin whoopie pies to be exact. Creamy vanilla buttercream sandwiched between two fluffy little pumpkin cakes.

Need a closer look?

I got the recipe from Jenna's blog. Love her for inspiring me to make fun stuff like this! (Is it weird that she has no idea who I am but in my mind we're on a first name basis?)

I've never made anything with pumpkin and this was my second attempt making a homemade frosting. I'm happy to report that these were a success. I ate two. Only one problem: Somehow I got frosting on the bottom of my jeans?

Apart from baking I've spent my Saturday listening to a random mix on iTunes (no Christmas music, though!) and putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree.

The tree is scrawny but still looks pretty dressed up in red, white, and silver.

Some favorite ornaments:

Paul and I get one or two new ornaments together each year to celebrate each year that we're together. So our collection is small but building! That "K" ornament was meant for Kristi, but I forgot to send it to Afghanistan with her other presents. Every Christmas Kristi has a special place on the tree :)

With the lights out:

Pictures don't do it justice.

Now the only dilemma left for the night: Should I spend $4 to rent Twilight: Eclipse on iTunes or should I wait 3 months to get it on Netflix? Decisions, decisions...


  1. Illegally download Eclipse! It's just not worth the cash haha!

    I love pumpkin flavored (almost) anything, and it is the best with cream cheese frosting :)

    your tree looks soooo beautiful, do you try matching your ornaments when you buy new ones? After my brother and I "grew up" my mum chucked all the old mis-matched and school made ornaments from our childhood and went with a much more adult-themed decor.

  2. Yea your tree does look beautiful!! Seriously! very nice.

    Those pumpkin things look delicious.

    I say pay for it! why wait? unless you can get it from Eclipse like Sara said.

    We just added HBO to our cable (free for 3 months) now we can watch all the True Blood we can handle. Waiting sucks.

  3. SC - I considered making cream cheese frosting but alas ended up not buying any cream cheese when I was at the grocery store. Right now I'm on a red-white-silver tree kick so any new ornaments I get will fit into that color scheme. Next year I may do a red-gold tree and switch it up. My goal is to have enough ornaments eventually that I can rotate between a few themes!

    SJ - I decided to wait for Eclipse on Netflix ... I don't like illegally downloading anything anymore (although I did like a banshee back in the day) and it's only "short wait" on Netflix now. Interesting about HBO... Maybe I'll sign up for it once the new season of TB is about to start ;)

  4. I'm so excited for this Pumpkin recipe! I just made my own pumpkin puree (to be posted on the blog soon!) Can't wait to try it. And I already have cream cheese frosting, which should be delicious :) And the tree looks lovely.