Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One of the entries of my Bucket List is to attend a live Olympic event. In just over a month I'll find out if that dream will come true!

Tonight I submitted my request for 2 nose-bleed tickets to a swimming event. While I would have loved to have prime seats to a medals ceremony, I didn't want to shell out $890.00 per ticket. So instead Paul and I will be going to a qualifying event that only costs $44.00 per ticket. I specifically picked one that Michael Phelps will be swimming in. Also I wanted one that will be generally exciting.

So these are our events:

Heats: M 50m Freestyle; M 100m Butterfly; W 800m Freestyle; W 200m Backstroke 

Phelps swam the 100 m Butterfly at the last Olympics, and the 50 m Freestyle is the most exciting event because it is so fast the pressure is that much more intense. Holla! So excited. 
If we get these tickets (they are accepting requests until April 22nd, so we'll receive a confirmation after that) that means we'll need to be in London on August 2nd. Works for me! This means after April 22nd I'll be able to start planning our 2012 summer vacation. I can't wait!


  1. that is soooooooooo awesome! I really, really hope you get to attend!

  2. um, so, so jealous. I love the Olympics. And swimming is the best. I watched ALL of Michael Phelps races in the 2008 Olympics. I hope you get the tickets!

  3. Can I go too? :)

  4. You all should come with us!!! But we're leaving you in England while we go to Greece/Croatia ;)